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Let's flip the digital divide on its head.

Technology is more powerful than ever before—which is why we need to design it to increase access to decision-making and control like never before. Get updates about Community-Led Technology, Social Justice Apps, and our software projects to include people.

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Every Public Meeting

Every Public Meeting is a crowd-sourced resource to make local civic engagement easier and more accessible.


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A few questions for you:


1. What is Community-Led Technology?

How do local communities harness technology to solve problems? How do large platforms work to protect and remain accountable to communities they serve?

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2. What are Social Justice Apps?

How do tech projects inspire, grow, and achieve victories for social justice? What opportunities for tech projects that do more and do better?

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3. How can we Include People?

We all have the power to transform our communities, and digital literacy is a new super-power. How do we build new rules to ensure equitable access and control to all? 

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