8 Calendars, 451 Meetings!

8 Calendars, 451 Meetings!

Happy Ramadan!

Just a few months ago, I set up a website, Every Public Meeting, because it should be super easy for anyone in our community to exercise their voice at public meetings. The website's purpose is to make it obvious when, where, and how to get involved in local decisions being made in our neighborhoods.

Last week, I asked friends to open the doors to their local city halls by taking the #EveryPublicMeeting challenge: To fill out this simple form that registers your city hall on the map.

Right away, we got three more calendars! I'm publishing the meetings for these calendars this week, so you can expect us to break 1,000 meetings in no time!

If you believe in this mission, please take the challenge. As always, get in touch if you have ways you want to support, and donations on Patreon are always welcome.